Parliamentarians can become active agents in the protection of human rights defenders. Here you will find some legislative pieces (resolutions and motions) adopted by National Parliaments, and also the European Parliament (EP), that are aimed at urging the executive branch of power –head of government and ministries of foreign affairs, and in the case of the EP to the Council and the EEAS, to enhance the safety of HRDs in other countries through concrete actions.


Second resolution on HRDs of the Belgian Parliament – 13.02.2012
Resolution HRDs Parliament Belgium – 13.02.2003
Resolution Belgium Senate HRDs – 3.07.2003


Motion adopted by the German Bundestag – 23.11.2003


Propuesta no de ley España defensores – 28.06.2007
Decl congreso esp_proteccion defensores – 22.12.2010

European Union

Resolution European Parlament 17.06.2010