The Parlamentarians for Human Rights Defenders network

MPforHRD is an area for discussion about the protection of Human Rights Defenders. It is intended for members of parliamentary assemblies from any country wishing to be involved in protection.
The network aims to exchange best legislative practices in favour of protection, to facilitate the drafting of policies for protection or to provide coordinated responses in favour of Human Rights Defenders whose rights are infringed upon.

Protection International aims to:

  • respond to questions from legislators concerning the security situation of Human Rights Defenders and protection policies in force in countries where the organisation is active.
  • inform legislators of any default in the respect by governments of their obligations in terms of protection or the inconsistency in diplomatic responses to emergency situations as faced by Human Rights Defenders, and suggests strategies and tactics to remedy these and seeks means to ensure their implementation.
  • establish – with its partner organisations- direct and preferential ties between legislators and Human Rights Defenders who are threatened via « twinning » procedures.
  • lead a discussion forum on a protected area facilitating coordination between legislators on sensitive issues regarding protection.
  • pool responses provided by legislators to issues relating to protection and ensures publication of these responses in necessary cases, in agreement with legislators.

The website also includes  questions, resolutions, various initiatives taken in favour of Human Rights Defenders and those which contribute towards their protection. The provision of this information aims at facilitating the adoption of « best practices » and influencing the attitude of authorities in those countries where the rights of Human Rights Defenders are not fully respected.